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Over the years Bonnie has worked with athletes and health conscious people but is particularly proud to have helped people who had never connected with this aspect of their life before. “Seeing people discover how good they can feel about themselves and life is really rewarding.” 
 She began her career as a portrait artist in 1985. Bonnie devoted the next two decades to raising her two girls and caring for her parents as her father died of cancer. During this time she discovered her need to understand the healing capacity within humans.  She began naturopathic study and worked at an alternative health center that assisted 4rth stage cancer patients turned away from hospitals. There she witnessed the importance adversity has in expanding our vocabulary of personal strength and converting life into living.  Those experiences and her heartfelt communicative style opened the doors to motivational programs for the public and Continuing Medical Education (CME) Seminars for hospitals.  Over the years she has continued to learn different means to communicate through art, animation and movement. She has worked with many different wellness intiatives and individuals: Food and Nutritional Service at NUSD, Health & Fitness Club,  movement expert and author, a massage therapy school / rehab center and yoginis to bring their philosophies to the public. She lives in her childhood roots of Marin County where her soulful love of humankind has found its home in Novato.
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