Bennett Hamer
Contact me by email at bhamer@cornerlaw.com
Phone 415 264-4415 I studied journalism at Santa Monica College and was Editor in Chief and the Opinion page editor of the Corsair. During my time there I received several awards from the Journalism Assocation Community Colleges for my news and opinion writing. After SMC, I went to UCLA majoring in Political Science and Economic History. I started writing for a living while still at UCLA and 14 years later I am still writing as an immigration case manager for a law firm in the city. I am excited about coming back to my first love journalism, as a contributing reporter for Patch. My philosophy of writing is not just to get the who, what, when where and why, but also the "so what" of a story. I want to inform and at the same time make you feel that your time reading my stories were well-spent. I hope that readers will engage in my stories and I trust that they will let me know when I have done right, or when I can do better. I live right over Memorial Park with my partner Julie. Sometimes a particular sunset will settle over the hills in the distance and I remind myself how lucky I am to be living here in a little slice of heaven.
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