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Dogbone Meadow
2551 Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94947

The creation of Dogbone Meadow in the early 2000s was a labor of love by volunteers led by the late Chuck Deatrick. AMore core group plus folks from the city maintenance staff did all the heavy lifting. The park is part of a larger undeveloped city park called O'Hair Park.

A path of woodchips winds around an open grassy area about the size of a football field, and the whole area is surrounded by chain-link fencing. There are several play structures for the dogs, such as hurdles and tubes. Water bowls and poop scoopers are available. Note that there is no bathroom for human beings at the park.

Many dog owners walk around the perimeter, sometimes chatting with other dog owners or listening to iPods, while their dogs play off-leash in the center area. Watch out for dogs charging full speed for a ball or flying disc.

O'Hair Park
885 Sutro Ave, Novato, CA 94947

At 98 acres, O'Hair Park is the largest owned by the city of Novato, but it's also the least developed. It isMore situated at the junction of Novato Boulevard and Sutro Avenue in the northwest corner of the city -- basically where suburban civilization and rural West Marin meet. From the intersection it runs west all the way to Stafford Lake County Park and south to the backyards of homes on Michelle Circle, Trish Drive and Daryl Avenue.

The park is open space, wild vegetation and dirt trails other than the leased-out Morning Star Farm equestrian center at Novato/Sutro intersection and the Dogbone Meadow dog park a half mile west. The Rueben Kaelher Trail, which runs east-west through the park, is popular with residents and horseback riders because of the proximity to Morning Star and the San Marin/Pleasant Valley neighborhoods. Novato Creek also runs east-west through the park and attracts all sorts of wildlife.

Another trail leads to the south, up part of Little Mountain (the highest point in the park at more than 900 feet) and into the Verissimo Valle hills, Indian Tree Open Space and up to the Bay Ridge Trail. Along with nearby Mount Burdell and its trails, these O'Hair Park trails are prime sources of recreation in North Novato.

Parking is along Sutro just south of Morning Star Farm and San Marin High School. Other trails start near Dogbone Meadow and at the west end of Center Road.

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