Marin Clean Energy Honors Nonprofit as 1,000th 'Deep Green' Customer

A donation of $1,000 was made to the Marin Agricultural Land Trust.

presented a check to the Marin Agricultural Land Trust for $1,000 at a meeting Thursday in San Rafael as the award for winning a contest.

More than 1,000 Marin County electric customers have signed up for Marin Clean Energy’s Deep Green 100 percent renewable electricity product, marking the successful conclusion of the agency’s ‘Heart’ Deep Green campaign. The campaign invited electric customers to vote for their favorite local nonprofit when they signed up for Deep Green, with the energy agency pledging to donate $1,000 to the nonprofit with the most votes when the milestone of 1,000 customers was reached.

MALT, a nonprofit devoted to preserving Marin County farmland for agricultural use, received the most votes, winning the campaign and a check from Marin Clean Energy for $1,000. The public support bodes well for MALT’s current campaign to honor retiring executive director Bob Berner by reaching the goal of protecting 50,000 acres of farmland (half of Marin's working farms and ranches). Three key farms that need MALT's help now will help achieve that goal. MALT is seeking gifts from individuals and family foundations in order to help them save this farmland and reach the 50 percent goal."

"We were thrilled to partner with so many local nonprofit organizations to increase participation in MCE’s Deep Green program," said Ken Wachtel, Marin Energy Authority Director and Mill Valley Councilmember. "These are the types of partnerships and programs that make MCE unique. As a not-for-profit agency ourselves, we have the ability to reinvest and support Marin County.”

Other nonprofits that participated in Marin Clean Energy’s Deep Green campaign included Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Community Media Center of Marin, Homeward Bound of Marin, KWMR - West Marin Community Radio, Marin Conservation League, Marin Humane Society, Marin Link, Next Generation, Sustainable Marin, and Teens Turning Green.

Electric customers in Marin can sign up for Deep Green by calling 1-888-632-3674 or signing up at www.marincleanenergy.com/deepgreen.

Edwin Drake May 09, 2012 at 04:01 AM
How phony!
Maria Escobar May 09, 2012 at 02:16 PM
MALT is a wonderful organization. MEA is not. MEA is selling us dirty energy and is buying from Shell Oil. This new law of having to "OPT OUT", is a difficult for our seniors, people with special needs, and ESL. That's not right.
Christine May 09, 2012 at 06:43 PM
I'm with you Edwin....Bunch of phonies pushing their phony energy! It's a shame they have Marin county in the bag!
gary May 09, 2012 at 06:51 PM
We went to the MEA Novato meeting and listen to the presentation. A question was asked three to four times by a gentleman with no answer and the questions was, What newly built green energy has MEA provided? Not just transferring billing from existing site or facilities, that question was never answered. And you are right Maria they are buying from Shell Oil. I also was having trouble with the "OPT OUT" until I got Justin Kudo who is the account manager and he "OPT OUT" for me. So I suggest if anyone has a problem speak to Justin at (415 464-6029) or email (jkudo@marinenergy.com). You must provide Account Number, First and Last Name, Phone number and your email and I'm sure Justin will be just as helpful for you.


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