Homeless camps continue, despite lip service from city officials

My flash wouldn't reach inside the hollow just to the left of the no-parking sign.
My flash wouldn't reach inside the hollow just to the left of the no-parking sign.
As you cross the intersection westbound on novato blvd at diablo, be sure to wave hello to the guys camping against the poor neighbor's creekside fence. Situated for easy access to the shopping center for dumpster offerings, the running water of the creek for bathing, and perhaps the occasional glimpse of a teenager walking by in tight clothing, these men have made their preference known for this area. I don't know why the neighbors on Los Alondras put up with it. I would have run them off long ago. Perhaps they are senior citizens. The homeless have a number of baskets and miscellaneous items stacked up there, right among the signage for community activities , etc. What a sight to greet our visitors from out of town! Despite numerous requests of the mayor in his blog, we have yet to see action on this troubling situation, a blight on our community. We were simply informed that he attended some type of meeting, conference or public appearance with coffee and pastries.

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Juliette MacLam March 13, 2014 at 12:07 PM
Since you are talking to ME, I will reply back to you. Since when is Novato regarded as "living in squalor" ? Better reading comprehension would serve you well. As for calling me an "AH", well sir, a wise man once told me that people who describe others in such terms are merely describing themselves. Remember to love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Peace out. JM.
neighbor March 13, 2014 at 12:10 PM
I have only lived in Mill Valley for a couple of years now and I have to say I'm rather shocked by this blog. This is exactly why people from Marin have a terrible reputation of being selfish, elitist, bigots. No one wants irresponsible or destructive people living in their backyard, but these are in fact human beings who have gone through hard times, abuse, or suffer from mental illness that is out of their control. As fellow humans, we should have compassion and work with our community services to try and find help for them, where possible. Of course, sometimes we can't help out individuals when they aren't in place to receive it or we can't get the services needed to help them. At a minimum, everyone in this blog is capable of contacting their local, state and federal politicians and advocating for more services to help the homeless and mentally ill. While the populations of these people on the street are increasing due to the economy as well as the fact that mental health and drug treatment programs have been cut substantially from the Reagan administration times, we must still do something about the problem. Discriminating against people and creating a de facto caste system is not the solution. In Europe, they take care of their people, so you don't find massive amounts of homeless people on the street. We should look to some of those other examples to improve everyone's quality of life.
novato 3per March 13, 2014 at 12:27 PM
There you have it, if only we could be more like europe.
Bubba six pack March 13, 2014 at 12:42 PM
Put your money where your mouth is and start housing these bums at your place. You'll soon get sick of being taken advantage of and then you'll see that a liberal is someone who's never been mugged. You paid dearly to live in Mill Valley, and if you house these bums you'll incur the wrath of your neighbors who also could have lived in squalor but chose, like you, to pay more not to. It's the trophy soccer moms that hand out the most drug money to these drunks from their SUVs that keep this feeding frenzy alive. In Europe they just shipped them over here, but we can't do that here, as even the lowest form of garbage has rights.
Bubba six pack March 13, 2014 at 12:51 PM
Europeans are a lot less supportive than you think. That's why you don't see the homeless problems like we have here. They don't feed them in Europe, because they're too busy feeding themselves to tank up a parasite. The bums have to clean up and get a job or move back to mom's. Here, we support them.


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