New Yoga Studio Uses Heat to Increase Flexibility, Strength

Sumits Yoga opened in Pacheco Plaza November 1; Fuses Bikram and Ashtanga styles

Sumits Yoga
408 Ignacio Blvd. Novato
(415) 234-6727

Owners: Amadeo and Darlene Arnal

When and how did your business get started?

Darlene good hooked on Sumits after seeing how a friend’s physique was transformed by the practice. She had frequently taken classes at Sumits headquarters in Arizona and loved the changes she experienced. So in March of 2013, Darlene quit her job in high tech and flew to Arizona for 9 weeks to get certified. The business opened November 1 in Pacheco Plaza. 

Why did you choose Novato for your new business?

We’ve lived in Novato for three years, but there aren’t many yoga studios. Most importantly there were no hot yoga studios in Novato. We both practice, so we thought why not open something here?

What’s different about your business or something newcomers may not know?

Sumits Yoga was created by Sumit Banerjee (Bikram’s cousin) and is a mixture of traditional Bikram yoga and Ashtanga power flow. The classes flow to modern day top hit music in a perfectly blended environment of heat and humidity. Another big difference is that Sumits is not as hot as Bikram, which is 115 degrees. We’re at 95 degrees. This style of yoga not only energizes and detoxifies the body and mind, but every class is designed for all levels, beginner through advanced. It's fast-paced and keeps students moving for an entire 80 minutes.

What’s your vision for your business?

We are only the second Sumits location in California and the 13th in the country. If things go well, we may open another location in southern Marin and San Francisco. We think it’s a good business opportunity.

Any special deals for new customers?

The introductory rate is two weeks of unlimited yoga for $20. 


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