Supes Not Letting Grady Ranch Project go Easily

A campaign has been launched to get Skywalker Properties to reinstate the proposal.

George Lucas may have taken the Grady Ranch project off the table but Marin County Supervisors are not letting him go without pulling out all the stops to get him back.  

Members of the public were encouraged to attend the supes meeting Tuesday and voice support for the project. Now a social media effort, including Facebook, the county's website and an email where letters of support can be directed have been quickly been put in place. The supervisors also adopted and passed a resolution asking the company to proceed with the plans for Grady Ranch.

Marin's District 5 Supervisor Judy Arnold, who represents most of Novato,  sent out this email to her constituents.

Thank you to the dozens of Marin residents who turned out at this morning’s Board of Supervisors meeting to voice your support for the Lucasfilm Grady Ranch project.  It is clear to me that there is overwhelming community support for this project, in both the immediate neighborhood and throughout Marin.  I hope that George Lucas will hear the many eloquent voices that are appealing to him to stay and move forward with his vision for Grady Ranch.

All the members of the Board of Supervisors are continuing to do everything that can be done to bring this project to fruition.   The County has also created an email account called ReconsiderGradyRanch@marincounty.org where community members can email their thoughts of encouragement, and we’ll post on our webpage, Facebook, etc. and forward to the Skywalker Properties team. 

We have added a web page to the County website at: http://www.marincounty.org/Home/Main/Grady%20Ranch.  There is also a link on the County Home Page.

Please consider adding your voice, and I hope that you will also share this information with everyone you know.  George Lucas and Lucasfilm have contributed so much to Marin; environmentally, economically and also to the overall wellbeing of our community, and we hope to show him that Marin remains the best place for Lucasfilm’s future.

With appreciation,

Supervisor Judy Arnold


Check this story from the for more coverage of the supervisors' meeting.

son of liberty April 19, 2012 at 03:12 PM
Lucas is right for moving on. This merry go round has been foisted on this guy for years. This is a good example of what happens when the government gets involved with peoples lives. As a result of losing this business, the county will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and many many jobs. Extreme environmentalism is fringe left wing ideaology and should be noted for it's destructive force on good hardworking productive american citizens. No wonder businesses are leaving the socialisitic republic of California.
Lloyd April 19, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Our elected Supervisors did absolutely nothing to facilitate this project. What a huge tragic loss to our County, our economy, our housing market and our prestige for supporting cutting edge industry. Way too little and way too late. They should be ashamed of their lack of leadership.
Ursula April 19, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Marin ABSOLUTELY BLEW IT! I don't blame Lucas one bit, and respect him MORE for leaving. Now the high brow Marinians get to deal with their consequences: Low income Housing and all that comes with it. They pretty much asked for it. Yay George!
Tamkea Washington April 20, 2012 at 05:59 AM
Mr. Ratto, I agree with you. Supervisor Judy Arnold wets her finger, puts it to the wind and sees where the popularity is at, then she takes THAT position. Another one of her tricks is to tell whomever she is with what they want to hear, and then says the exact opposte when her back is turned. We need a Supervisor that is going to help Marin and Novato and Judy Arnold doesn't. She just wants more and more low income housing without having any idea how the new residents will get jobs or be safe----she just wants the developers to get their money. Where was she to help out on The Grady Project? Getting her nails done, going out to lunch with her aides ( at the tax payers expense )and at the shopping mall buying a new outfit.
Maria Escobar April 21, 2012 at 05:47 AM
Thank you Lloyd for stating this so well. It is time for a change, Diane Furst for Supervisor and Eva Long or David Weinsoff for District 2 We need to get another Supervisor instead of Judy Arnold.


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