Demo Congressional Candidate Chides Another for 'Hit Piece'

Mill Valley psychologist, considered a longshot for Woolsey's Congressional seat, criticizes Norman Solomon for 'slimy' mailer about another candidate, Stacey Lawson.

Congressional candidate Larry Fritzlan has taken the unusual position of chiding another Democratic candidate —  — for attacking a third candidate,

Fritzlan, in an email blast, says a glossy anti-Lawson "Congressional Jeopardy" mailer sent over the weekend to residents of the 2nd Congressional District is a "sliming" of Lawson, demeans the election process and "makes us all feel yucky."

Fritzlan, a Mill Valley psychologist, claims the mailer "epitomizes the reason half the population does not vote."

 in the June 5 primary elections for the 2nd District Congressional seat that spans the North Coast of California from Marin County to the Oregon border.

Other key candidates the race include  who is considered a frontrunner, and Marin County Supervisor .  Supporters of Huffman and Solomon have posted blogs on Patch, and Lawson supporters will be posting a blog this week.

The mailer calls Lawson a "corporate profiteer" and a "carpetbagger from Silicon Valley and San Francisco" and calls her to task for failing to vote in some earlier elections.

"Really, Norman!" Fritzlan says in his email. "We want to respect our leaders. We want to trust them.

"But right now, 90 percent of us do not trust politicians, and your mailer is an example of why we don't trust politicans," Fritzlan says. "Sliming someone else makes us all feel yucky."

Fritzlan, who is considered a long-shot in the 12-candidate race, has made his key issue about campaign funding. He said at a campaign financing from special interests.

He has pledged to not accept more than $100 from any one individual.

"As you know, one of my concerns is where did these advertising dollars come from?," Fritzlan said in his email. "And what did the candidate have to promise to get that money?"

Fritzlan also defends Lawson against Solomon's repeated attacks

"I would remind him that, in fact, nearly half the electorate fails to vote because so many folks distrust our elected leaders and find the elections irrelevant," he said.  "And I'd also reiterate that our focus needs to be on growing up and finding common sense solutions to our big problems, and that getting the corrupting influence of money out of politics would be a good place to start"

Fritzlan challenges Solomon to send out another mailer apologizing to Lawson.

"You demeaned this election, the candidates and the voters with your mailer," Fritzlan said. "I don't want to be a part of the same universe as you and this approach.

"I'm not specifically defending Stacy Lawson, but doesn't she represent what is great about America?," Fritzlan said. "She came from humble beginnings, went to college, got an MBA from Harvard, became a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, worked to create a bunch of jobs, earned some money in the process, then moved into academia and is currently a UC Berkeley professor helping students become entrepreneurs."

Lawson supporter Tony Crabb of Healdsburg said he remains steadfast in his backing of the San Rafael entrepreneur.

"She is not a career politician, but someone who knows how to get things done, and can provide balance with a growing economy and better environment," Crabb said.

"Stacey has thought more about the issues than any of the other candidates and has shown that she has the ability to move forward on these issues," Crabb said. "See her website, www.staceylawson.com for details."

Bonnie Avilar May 24, 2012 at 05:08 AM
The more I hear about Larry, the more I like him. The problem is, anyone who fights establishment or tries to be a problem solver doesn't get elected. The voters are gluttons for punishment and vote for the same ole same ole---that is why we are in the situations we are in. VOTE FOR CHANGE AND VOTE FOR A NEW FACE!
Billy Chinook May 25, 2012 at 01:54 AM
Hasn't Norm Soloman been a life-long advocate for media accuracy and non-violence. How quickly he's laid down his charished principals when they don't serve his own interests! Yuck is right! Norm is showing his true colors. And, I find him ugly.


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