Freight Train Service Through Novato Closer to Reality

Key agreement made Wednesday, but North Coast Rail Authority and city of Novato still need to render stamps of approval before boxcars clank through town.

There are are hoops to jump through in the coming weeks, but freight trains loaded with all sorts of goods — including wine — could be rolling through Novato soon.

The city of Novato and the North Coast Rail Authority still need to approve agreements before we'll see locomotives and boxcars rolling through the Black Point area and downtown Novato.

For the latest, check this Marin Independent Journal story.

Robert J. Cleek June 17, 2011 at 06:27 PM
A lot better than the dead kid, I'll bet! (Sorry, I couldn't resist. You really lobbed that one!) The front of a train and the front of a truck occupy about the same space. We can safely assume for the sake of argument, since they present the same "impact area," that the odds of getting hit by any given truck are the same as getting hit by any given train, even though the odds of getting hit by a truck are obviously greater because they cross far more crosswalks than trains do and the trains are required to maintain a 25 MPH speed, which trucks are not. Each car on a train carries the load of about four trucks. A train pulling ten freight cars equals forty trucks. A twenty freight car consist would equal eighty trucks. Thus, the chance of getting hit by a train may be expressed as four times the number of freight cars in the train LESS than the chance of being hit by a truck, per ton of cargo. Feel better now?
Joe Gallagher June 18, 2011 at 01:49 AM
I walked the tracks from Novato Community Hospital to under the freeway. The track repair work (if any) is poor! It looked like a TRAIN WRECK to me!! There are rotten railroad ties, missing shoe plates, and missing spikes. If this is any example in this short distance of the rest of the line, and freight trains were to use these tracks, it could be an accident waiting to happen.
Steve B June 20, 2011 at 07:45 PM
Trains get something crazy like 3000 MPG for freight, and they preserve the roads by taking the heavy/ massive stuff off. Sonoma's garbage, our garbage, gravel, asphalt, propane, cement, etc will all take the train. Your "exhaust exchange" comment is way off as trains are a hundred fold more efficient. (Steel on steel has very low friction, plus no stop and go, plus moderate grades, plus consolidated loads, etc, etc, etc.)
Steve B June 20, 2011 at 07:46 PM
Dinah, switch to decaf, you sound super stressed out.
Steve B June 20, 2011 at 07:47 PM
So, Kim, you don't eat? Don't use a car? Don't breathe air?


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