The California Highway Patrol is asking for the public's health in identifying drivers who have not registered their vehicles.

The Marin office of the California Highway Patrol is requesting the public’s assistance with identifying vehicles that are avoiding California registration fees.

The state of California loses millions of dollars a year in revenue from residents who unlawfully register their vehicles in other states or countries. Vehicle registration fees are due immediately upon accepting employment or establishing residency in the state. Additionally, California law permits only 20 days to complete the process of registering your vehicle without paying a penalty.

The three most common reasons for individuals not completing the registration process are: they may be unaware of California registration laws, they may be purposefully evading payments of registration fees and taxes, or they may be unable to comply with our air pollution control laws due to the condition of their vehicle.

Members of the public who wish to seek more information or notify the CHP of a possible unregistered vehicle in their area may file information with the CHP online under the CHEATERS (Californians Help Eliminate All The Evasive Registration Scofflaws) program heading. Information that should be included to assist us in following up on possible registration evasion is the following:

  • State or province in which vehicle is registered
  • Vehicle license number
  • Date and time the vehicle was observed
  • Make, model and color of the vehicle
  • Location where the vehicle was observed (street(s) and city)
  • Any additional comments and descriptive information
Craig Belfor August 18, 2012 at 02:19 AM
The cops in Redding had a big problem because there is no sales tax in Oregon, and people would buy cars there and come to California. The thinking was that when they returned to Oregon they would face the registration music then, but that didn't happen. Now they compare driver's licence, and that's how they catch them. The 20 day rule is good, but we need to use a national data base that will tell who owns what and where they live. We have that information now, and we could use it.
mike jones August 18, 2012 at 02:20 AM
Why is the CHP asking for the public's Health??
Nick Kies August 20, 2012 at 03:27 AM
Suppose you move into the state and register, then move out the same year and move back into the state, they would still want to collect another registration fee. Don't report it tell your legislator that you want the law changed and to quit being charged a property tax on your car that the state makes necessary because it won't make businesses and cities locate work near workers!


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