Police Blotter: A Sword Wielding Ex-Husband and an "Alarm Dog" Heard

A rapper, sword waving ex, death threats, and a man behind garbage cans were some of the calls responded to this week by Novato police

Photo - Rem O'Donnelley

January 23

00:18 – Noise – 700 block Hamilton Pk.

Dog barking for five minutes. RP is concerned that it might be an “alarm dog” alerting that it's master needs help due to the type of barking. Coyotes heard “calling” to each other upon officers' arrival. Contacted RP who stated it could have been coyotes signaling one another. Nothing further.

12:28 – Unwanted subject – 500 block Arthur St.

Students from the high school are in the RP's yard, looking at and touching the RP's vehicle. RP has asked them to leave but they are refusing. Students moved on before officer's arrival. Assistant principal advised of complaint.

13:07 – Domestic violence cold report – (address redacted)

Death threats, suspect pushed, punched RP on Monday. Tuesday suspect phoned RP/victim and threatened to kill her message on voicemail. Booked into Marin County Jail.

13:14 – Vandalism – 700 block Samoa Ln.

RP followed suspect to Rowland Shell. RP was advised to stop following suspect and return home. Upon officer's arrive, RP advised that the scratches were not deep and indicated that she would have the door buffed. Requested nothing further.

13:29 – Traffic hazard – SB Hwy 101 at Rowland Blvd.

RP states the two lane to turn right onto SB 101 and PED light turn green at the same time. - Lights appear to be functioning normally.

16:08 – Accident, non-injury – 700 block De Long Ave.

RP states his Toyota Camry struck the curb. Unknown reason. No property damage observed. Driver clipped curb and causing front left tire to deflate. Vehicle towed at owner's request.

20:03 – Noise disturbance – 800 block Sutro Ave.

Complaint of loud band practice. No loud music / noise heard in the area upon investigation.

January 22

06:32 – Burglary – 500 block Midway Blvd.

Passenger window smashed overnight on Hyndai Tiburon. Loss: ID badge and miscellaneous items.

06:35 – Suspicious subject – 7400 block Redwood Blvd.

Subject wearing sunglasses, breakdancing, yelling and acting very odd. Subject contacted who was listening to his Walkman and rapping. No merit to any violations.

09:31 – Miscellaneous Code Violations – 1100 block Grant Ave.

Subject has a beer in hand and asking for money. Cited for public consumption.

10:40 – Suspicious subject – 1400 block Johnson St.

The creek area to the rear, RP hears a subject cursing and he may be drinking. RP sees empty beer cans, can't see subject. Case taken for probation violation.

11:47 – Grand theft cold report – 500 block Alameda Del Prado

Catalytic converter stolen from Toyota truck. Case taken.

14:47 – Advice to citizen – 400 block Alameda Del Prado

RP states her ex-husband came to her house last night, started an argument, grabbed a decorative sword and waved it at her. Verbal argument only. RP wanted it documented that ex-husband is aggressive.

16:39 – Juvenile disturbance – Driving under the influence

Red Toyota truck. - Case taken.

17:30 – Advice to citizen – 1700 block Grant Ave.

RP states an ongoing issue with juveniles kicking soccer ball and it goes over his fence. Today it hit one of his windows. Window did not break. RP states he told juveniles he was going to keep ball and would not give back. Contacted RP who requested a soccer goal at Marion Park be repositioned. Will contact parks and recreation. Nothing further.

17:28 – Harassing phone calls – 00 block Bogey Ln.

RP received three threatening texts. RP has a number on the caller ID. RP did not recognize the number. Case taken.

January 21

05:41 – Suspicious circumstance – 500 block Marin Oaks Dr.

Person spotted with a flashlight walking through the park shining the light into houses. Area checked, no one observed.

07:23 – Vandalism 1100 block of 1st St.

Drilled the dial off the vault but didn't get in. Outside lock cut on external coin safe. Combination lock was not defeated. No loss reported. Estimated damage to lock and safe dial $200.

09:10 – Advice to citizen – 400 block Ignacio Blvd.

Neighbor is claiming the RP hit his vehicle causing damage in the parking lot. RP states he did not and that the neighbor is threatening to have the RP and his family deported. Subject given advice.

09:23 – Harassing phone calls – 500 block Alameda Del Prado

Phone death threats from former sister in law. Case taken.

10:06 – Gunshot heard - 200 block Entrada Dr.

RP believes he heard one gun shot from the direction of Inn Marin. Most likely workers from Inn Marin with power tools.

12:58 – Encamp – 800 block Diablo Ave.

Complaint of homeless encampment. Two subjects playing guitars. Case taken.

Drinking in public. Nothing further.

17:08 – Verbal disturbance – 100 block Crescent Dr.

RP and neighbor in a verbal over the neighbor not allowing her children to play with the RP's children. Advice given to all parties involved. No merit to any violations.

17:30 – Suspicious subject – 900 block George St.

RP states tenant called her and stated a subject is near the garbage cans and looking at photos of nude women. RP states her tenant is scared to go outside.

Contacted subject who was seated/concealed behind trash cans looking at adult related content. No merit to any violations at time. Subject was counseled regarding his location coupled with his choice of reading material.

17:54 – Health and safety violation – 1000 block Simmons Ln.

RP states there is a subject smoking marijuana near the playground. Area checked. Subjects gone on arrival.

21:55 – Warrant arrest – Donna St. / Rowland Blvd.

Subject booked for outstanding warrants. Driver was given warning.


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