Lamborghini Theft, Shooting Suspect Max Wade's Plea Hearing Scheduled for December

Wade faces two counts of attempted murder as well as shooting into an occupied pickup truck, commercial burglary and taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

An 18-year-old accused of attempting to murder two teens in Mill Valley and stealing a $200,000 Lamborghini from celebrity chef Guy Fieri will appear on Dec. 5 for his plea hearing.

Wade faces two counts of attempted murder as well as shooting into an occupied pickup truck, commercial burglary and taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent. He is currently being held in Marin County Jail in lieu of $2 million.

Prosecutors alledge that on April 13 the defendant drove up on a motorcycle and shot at a teen couple as they sat in a Dodge pickup truck outside a home on Evergreen and Ethel avenues in Mill Valley. The motorcyclist was dressed in black with his face shielded by a black helmet with a dark-tinted visor.

The victims of the shooting, Landon Wahlstrom, 19, and Eva Dedier, 18, were the first witnesses to testify in the three-day long preliminary hearing. Investigators claim Dedier rebuffed Wade's romantic advances and that his problem with Wahlstrom, her boyfriend, began on Facebook.

During her testimony, Dedier described Wade, who supplied her with fake IDs, as “friendly” in their meetings leading up to the attack.

Wade’s commercial burglary charge came from the alleged theft on March 8, 2011 of Fieri's $200,000 bright yellow 2008 Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo. In the heist the thief rappelled down from the roof of British Motor Car Distributors dealership on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, entered through a window, then drove away in the car, according to San Francisco police.

Detectives found the Lamborghini in the Richmond storage unit near where they arrested Wade on April 29. Fake ID cards for California, Florida and New York, local police scanner coordinates, cellphone-jamming equipment, a dismantled AKA-47 assault weapon, a shotgun and a full San Francisco Police Department uniform with a badge and duty belt were discovered along with the sports car.

Defense attorney Charles Dresow objected to combining the charges for the shooting and the theft saying that the incidents were unrelated. Wade, who plead not guilty to the charges in June, could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

The case has garnered national attention over the months. Interest spiked in August when

Allison Chapman January 29, 2013 at 04:57 AM
Fleeping kid thought he was James Bond with all the crimes he was committing. He "could have" joined the navy seals or the other armed forces and received that kind of training becoming a respectable person. Instead he chose to do this and be a felon at the age of 17, and guess what dude your life is over. You will never get a decent job (that is if you ever get out of prison) and no branch of the armed forces will take you, and most likely you'll just be transferred from one prison to another for the rest of your life, being told when to get up, when to eat, when to pee etc. You just make me sick you little sh-t, throwing your life away for nothing!
Kevin Moore January 29, 2013 at 05:18 AM
Pretty good assessment of his choices and future. Many people don't know the days of "Join the Army or go to jail" are long gone. More than knowing about stealing the sports car, I want to know where those guns came from. Did he buy them with fake ID's, or are they stolen, or are the guns from a Straw man purchase. Did the police find any plots where he would use the cell phone jammer and police scanner.


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