What I'll Miss About Novato When the World Ends (Redux)

Just like in May 2011, the last time the World Didn't End, I'm sharing a list of all the things I would miss most about Novato.

With Doomsday just a few days away, I'm getting nostalgic and melancholy about all the local things I'll never see again or never get to see come to fruition. It’s getting me down.

I well up about all the things in Novato that I’ll miss the most ... just as I did in May 2011 the last time everybody was abuzz about Armageddon.

For instance, if the world ends on Dec. 21, I’ll …

* Never get to see the ribbon cutting for the new Old Town administrative building for the city of Novato staff.

* Never get to see whether any of the local properties designated as future sites for affordable housing get developed.

* Never get to see if Hanna Ranch turns into a bustling mecca of commerce.

* Never get to see if the Novato Community House, the old Del Reeno Meats building and the old Pini Ace Hardware building get fixed up or knocked down.

* Never get to see if the Square shopping center on the city's west side ever gets a much-needed extreme makeover or gets bulldozed.

* Never get to see if the North Bay Academy charter school ever opens.

* Never get to see if Rancho School is changed to a 100-percent neighborhood school.

* Never get to see if the Novato Community Garden ever opens next to Dogbone Meadow.

* Never get to see if the North Redwood Boulevard Corridor business area gets turned into something cool and useful.

* Never get to see the Novato Theater open again.

* Never get to ride on a SMART train.

* Never get to see if we can convince our teens, once and for all, that there is nothing cool about binge drinking.

* Never get to see if young city councilman Eric Lucan sticks with politics and ends up in Sacramento or Washington.

* Never get to eat a double-double ANYTHING style at the Novato In-n-Out Burger.

* Never get to see another amazing stage performance at San Marin High or the Marin School of the Arts.

* Never get to see our young athletes whoop and holler over winning a league championship.

* Never get to double bogey the entire back nine at Indian Valley Golf Course — again.

* Never get to take another carriage ride to see the lights at the Rombeiro Christmas House.

* Never get to see the view of the city from the top of Mount Burdell or Big Rock Ridge again.

* Never get to taste Moylan’s award-winning ales again.

* Never get to see the Pini Plunger Brigade, Nave Patrola or the basset hound procession at the Novato Fourth of July Parade.

* Never taste another amazing dessert auctioned off at the Gary Gates Pasta Feed.

* Never get to see which schoolkids in town today will grow up to be the city’s movers and shakers.

* Never catch another Black Cat Bone gig at Dr. Insomniac's.

* Never get to see if a downtown statue is erected in honor of dedicated political gadfly Gail Meyers.

What about you? What will you be bummed about not getting a chance to see or do anymore in Novato? 

And if this is our last goodbye, nice knowing you.

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Craig Belfor December 18, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Never get to see Jerome pay a late fee to his Mexican landlord.
Craig Belfor December 18, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Never get to see the day when an affordable housing project is free of drugs and crime.
Craig Belfor December 18, 2012 at 10:36 PM
Never get to eat another tomato pie. (My world ended when White Rose Ranch closed)
Bob Ratto December 19, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Gads, I had my dates mixed up...I was thinking it was the 22nd, being a dedicated last minute power shopper, seems like Christmas might be a bit lean this year..Other little things: 1) No more reading funny things from Mr. Belfor 2) Wondering if the City will ever be on sound financial footing 3) No more hearing from SUNN how wonderful building a ton of Section 8 will be, how not paying property taxes is not important, and other curious thought processes 4) No more early mornings spent driving around looking for the 200 homeless Novato children (see immediately above) 5) No more thinking about if the words "greenhouse gases", must be preceded by the word "spewing" 6) No more need to try and hook up with one of the "Caucasian Motorcycle Gangs" that our former police chief stated were becoming an emerging problem 7) No more Mi Pueblo/La Hacienda/El Palmar... 8) No hosting the Toni Shroyer victory party 9) No need to explain to people how much GHG's (see #5) have been saved through MCE 10) No more fun Patch postings, while I should be working!
Renee December 19, 2012 at 12:22 AM
you can be funny at times Mr. Belfor! and that comment is hysterical!


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