Christmas in America, 2012

A man recently told me "America has too much freedom." Wow, now that is a very interesting observance.

Christmas as a Christian is different in ways than a secular Christmas, or at least it should be. We go to church and learn and pray. The social aspect is supporting. We find reason and solace also, learning God's ways in this life. Accepting what we don't understand, embracing His forgiveness in our lives and the lives of others.

Jesus' birth is celebrated by Christians all over the world, I even noticed that Obama said to "pray"  (to who?) for our armed forces as he pulls them back out of war?

WAR — My sister is still angry with Obama, Air Force-Lt Col. retired husband

Who are we kidding? Those people cannot support themselves yet, they also have infiltrators within their military setting off bombs of surprise, killing many innocents all the time, even children. They have also killed our men by surprise as they faked to be peaceful military. (Did he really fake those tears? We think he did — no water = no tears).


I spent much of my Christmas viewing and reading online, keeping up with what is going on in the world around us. The firemen being "set up" by some bitter killer (why was he even paroled after hammering his grandmother to death???) ... the burial of children in Newtown with that young man murdering all with his mother's assault rifle? I think this year I felt more like grieving than celebrating.

The young people who sat back and "enjoyed" their pot parties, with children in tow? The parents wringing their hands wondering where they went wrong?

I have to agree in part with Michael Moore on this one. What is happening here in America? It is now a country full of people who no longer care, who are all about "me, mine, I want, etc." the children's home videos online, on Christmas children opening their packages (stomping their feet saying, "No, this is the worst Christmas I ever had" because they did not "get" what they had "ordered"?) Spoiled brats!

In past Christmas', I loved going out and finding all the homeless people I could find,and passing out my little gifts, a warm scarf, a winter hat, some candy, a scripture, and a little used tree ornament. It was so rewarding to give. Now, I am blessed to even keep enough food on my own table. I cannot work due to an injury, so I am living meagerly compared to many, but still blessed to have a roof over my head.

Now I am not just here pointing fingers. My own clan has its faults and flaws. Christians also can go astray.

"We," as Michael Moore puts it ... it is what other nations teach, a collective nation, that think in terms of "we," not just me. I do beg to differ with Moore on many issues, but selfish does come to mind about our country, at times. I also know, that our Americans help their neighbors very often when crisis strikes, and even in between times. The Red Cross and Salvation Army come to mind — they do such a wonderful job helping in times of need. Sending billions to other countries does not seem selfish use of our tax dollars?

As I sat and drank my water, and ate a quick snack the other night in Safeway Market, a man sitting close by said ,"It sure is freezing cold, huh?"

"I about froze last night on the boat," he said. He rents it for $500 per mont in the sleazy side of town. All I could offer was that he should wear lots of clothes and buy some of the $1 Catholic candles, and keep a couple burning beside him in those safety tall glass containers. It cuts the chill, I told him. I use them all the time. Times have changed, there was a time I would have given him a meal.

Obama isn't going to "save us" ... that is not his place. His cute dog, Bo, was the center of their Christmas focus this year on computer news, and the large push to support our military. I find this puzzling as he wants to cut military down in size, right?

Talk to many military and see if they agree on a smaller military vs. and larger stronger one.

While I stood out in the cold rain last Friday to receive my share of the S.F. food bank veggies, I spoke with a young Latino man, maybe in his 40s. His answer to all the turmoil in America was this: "America has too much freedom." Wow, now that is a very interesting observance.

I spent some time and money calling Senator Feinstein's office and a Governor back east about the killer type shooting video games. Seems most of this type killer has viewed them.

All I can do at this time is pray, and that is good. Without our prayers to God, we really have no real solutions. God does — except for Obama's socialism, and that seems to also be what Moore may be talking about.

Jane said it, and I am glad I did.

Happy New Year, folks!

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Novatan December 27, 2012 at 08:07 PM
You should write a book and call it "Nobody Ever Reads my Stuff."
Jane Gray December 28, 2012 at 04:11 AM
YOU DID,,,,,,,smile they will wonder what your up to.


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