Being Ignored by New York Times is Fine by Novato

Newspaper didn't mention any Novato locations when it summarized the best things to experience during a 36-hour visit to Marin. Patch readers basically said "glad it didn't."

About one month ago we shared the news that the New York Times disrespected Novato by ignoring it in a "best places to visit" story about Marin County. Novato Patch readers were quick to chime in about that. Here are some of the most insightful responses we received.

Craig Belfor: There's a reason New Yorkers are so sour while San Franciscans are so happy. The light at the end of our tunnel is Marin. The light at the end of their tunnel is New Jersey. 

Janna Nikkola: I didn't move to Novato from San Francisco in 1971 it wasn't because I thought it was the most scenic, interesting or exciting spot in Marin — I moved here because I found nice, brand new ground floor apartment I could afford that had a pool, a grassy spot where my daughter could play and a nice, small neighborhood school so she wouldn't have to be bussed all over the city when she started kindergarten. So it works for me, but I have no illusions about it being a tourist mecca. It's just a nice small town in which to live and rear one's children.

Christine: Novato is the best kept secret in Marin. Uncrowded trails, spectacular views, great weather, as well as a great community. I don't mind.

Roni Yarnot-Krajeski: After spending years living in Sausalito, jammed almost year-round with tourists, I am happy to be here in undiscovered, unspoiled Novato. It got so crowded in Sausalito that you could tell a local because they were the ones walking in the gutters to get around the crowds.

Kolleen Pahland: Well, that's how the rest of Marin feels about Novato, so why would NY be any different!

Lou Judson: Send the tourists to Bolinas! Don't tell them the sign keeps disappearing. "I tried to go to Bolinas, and all I got was this Tshirt in Sausalito" would be a great logo.

Tina McMillan: It's well past time that Novato seceded from Marin County and joined Sonoma County. Clearly we are not perceived as a part of Marin, so instead of suffering with a Metropolitan designation and being forced to carry the (regional housing allotment) of our southern Marin neighbors, let's look north for relief. I would much rather be considered Petaluma South.

Ventress Dugan: I am pleased they have left us out!! This town is a well kept secret! No parking meters, traffic problems like Southern Marin. Best place to live in the county!!!

Novatan: ... Our trails are pristine, our roads safe from rubbernecking tourists and we get better service in our local establishments because we're ... locals! I love living in the "red-headed stepchild" of Marin! People who are too lazy to get out of their cars and walk up a trail are missing out on some of the best views in the state! I'm going to go get on my kayak now and watch some pelicans and blue herons fly around the Rush Creek lagoon and thank God I am not from New York.

Lloyd: As a resident of Novato for over 30 years, I can't tell you how much this former New Yorker doesn't care what the Times says. All real New Yorkers know the Times are stuck up and only interested in short term glitz vs. the long term quality of life. Novato is the best place to live. I didn't move here to visit for a day.

Michael Sulliavn: While I'd rather live nowhere else, for an out-of-town visitor our small community doesn't hold much grand appeal when compared to the magnificence surrounding us. Does that make us any less wonderful? No! It means we don't have to suffer the tourism hoards and get to enjoy our sleepy, safe little town all to ourselves.

Sylvia Barry: Personally, I always think Mount Burdell with all different colors dotting the hills is so much more beautiful, interesting and accessible than Mount Tam. ... But don't tell others about this!

Trish Boorstein: Affordability, diversity, a lot of young families, charming, small town feel, amazing trails, a beautiful lake and estuaries, ranches, waterfalls, old growth redwood forests, a count load of unique neighborhoods! I've met folks who have moved up here from Southern Marin and are awestruck.

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