Why Mitt Romney Threatens Men

It's men, not women, who don't like Mitt — and here's why!

I had the opportunity to watch the Patch video of folks’ comments after watching the presidential debate last night. Please note, only men were presented on that video.

In full disclosure, I was invited to the Novato event but could not attend because of a family matter; so maybe other women could also not attend, or perhaps were there and were not interviewed. 

I only bring up the women thing, because as a woman, watching this video with comments made by a bunch of men, I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. I now understand WHY Romney so flusters men. MEN, I say, not women, as has been suggested, again and again.

A few old guys (take no offense, please, you cute geezers) were pretty keen on Romney, but one guy — in two different segments — attested to two begrudging facts about Mitt. He told me that due to this debate he realized, for the first time, that he (Mitt that is) “is not an idiot.” He later added that it was also the first time he realized Romney, “has a brain in his head.”

The occupation of this man was listed under his name on the video, this occupation (one I retired from due to painful and chronic ennui) suggesting he himself has a brain in his head and is not an idiot, and would therefore, clearly see that a man who has made millions and millions of dollars as a businessman, and blew out massive corruption in the Olympics, would have a brain in his head and not be an idiot, too. He would not need convincing of this fact. Certainly he could question Romney’s politics, religion and all that jazz, but not that he has no brain.

I think even Big Bird would agree, distressed as he might be right now, that Romney has a brain in his head and is not an idiot.

The guy I speak of is a nice looking man, like this presidential candidate, according to what I see on the aforementioned video. He’s got a nice head of hair, graying at the sideburns, like the Mitt man, BUT his hair continues to gray throughout, while Romney’s stops dead and goes dark. I think this threatens this guy, deep in his subconscious mind, while the geezers, almost bald, don’t care one way or the other.

They care if Romney might be able to get us out of this hellhole of an economy.

It’s probably also true, that Romney has made a LOT more money in his career, and I think that’s a very rankling thought for a lot of men, like this guy. Men get very competitive when they see handsome, rich men of a certain age, with a beautiful wife and hoards of good-looking kids and grandkids.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting President Obama isn’t nice looking —he is — though he’s a little skinny these days. And Michelle is drop-dead gorgeous and those clothes she wears are stunning. But I can’t say Obama’s “hot," though a lot of women I know think Mitt’s pretty darn handsome.

So many things happened as a result of this first debate, not the least being that it can be established that Mitt Romney is not an idiot and has a brain in his head — for those who thought otherwise.

And, that a lot of women think he’s hot.

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Craig Belfor October 05, 2012 at 02:35 AM
You assume that all men are insecure, and feel competition from handsome, successful men. That's often the case, and a whole fitness industry has sprung up to capitalize in this phobia, but not everyone with testosterone is that competitive or insecure.
Mark Burnham October 05, 2012 at 03:09 AM
Interesting point of view. I too watched the clip of this gentleman stating that he thought Mitt may not "have had a brain in his head" and then determined after the debate that Mitt was "not an idiot". Both comments struck me as odd. But both also were comments I have heard over, and over from the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, and elsewhere. I can't say that this fellow filmed in the Patch video was or was not "threatened" by the deonair Romney.. I do think that if you are looking for a reason for his pre- concieved negative view of Mitt.. I believe you should point the finger at an overwhelmingly liberal press that has consistently painted an image of this uber-succesful, multi-millionaire, Bain Capital founder as a bumbling idiot. To me, that is the real story. The critical finger of blame should not be pointed at some notion that men are "jealous" of another man's features or wealth. The media has demonized, marginalized, and mocked Mitt for a year. Christine, haven't you too heard over, and over, and over that Mitt was a dummy? Wouldn't it stand to reason that Mr. Patch Video guy heard the same thing? Fyi.. if I was not a heterosexual male.. I'd say Obama was the more handsome of the two anyway! Look at that smile! Sorry have to run.. going to go search pictures of Obama on the beach in Hawaii! :)
Christine October 05, 2012 at 05:04 PM
One could say the same thing about Donald Trump. Actually, both men are extremely smart and make excellent business decisions. There will always be those who loath the wealthy because they are not.
Chris W. October 06, 2012 at 03:29 PM
I know a lot of men who are not threatened by Romney and support him, my self included. Like many things in life, you can't find what you're not looking for.
Sara October 08, 2012 at 07:56 AM
Christine, it would appear you are not aware, but there are also of women who do not vote based on how, "hot" a candidate is. We want a President that will do his job for the good of our Nation, including the 47% and the 99%. We don't care about his hair. But lets say we are all like you and vote based on how sexy we think a candidate is. You know, just in case we are ever in an elevator alone, together. The fact is, we don't trust Romney, an important component of many women's definition of, "hotness". About the only thing we do trust him with is to claim dominion over our bodies, pilfer our retirement years and sell off America bit by bit to maximize profit for investors ( a Bain speciality). You can keep your, "hot" candidate. I'll stick with one that respects me.
Craig Belfor October 08, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Nothing like a little tongue in cheek blog to flush out the bozos. Of course we vote on the issues. We also recycle, read Playboy for the articles, and only watch PBS on TV. If Romney represents the super rich only, then why is he so close in the polls?
Christine Scioli October 08, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Dear Craig, I thought for a brief moment with your earlier post that you had lost your wit and your ability to poke some fun! That would be a sad day for Novato Patchers! Would Sara be alone in an elevator with me or with Mitt? Since she seems to agree he's "hot" though lacking in other qualities, I hope it would be with him, though I also hope he wouldn't claim dominion over her body. (Or maybe yes?)
Christine October 08, 2012 at 05:54 PM
@ Sara, Please re read my comment as you make no sense with yours. Are you a loather?
Claire October 08, 2012 at 06:27 PM
I do believe that the way a person looks affects how people react to them. It is a phenomenon that has been proven over and over. We are all human beings and influenced by subconscious impressions, including looks, whether we admit it or not. That being said, I don't understand how any woman could find Romney to be hot - in fact, I can't stand looking at him. His hair (color) looks unnatural - as if he colored the top but not the sides - odd! He has a pointy nose and thin lips - very unattractive. EVERY time after he stops talking he has a 'smirk' on his face as if he wanted to say - 'see, I told you' or 'what are you going to say to that??' I find that smirk unbelievably annoying and unattractive. It reminds me of a kid who just told some other kid 'my daddy's is bigger than your daddys'! I can't find one single attractive attribute in Romney. That combined with his beliefs makes me want to turn off TV when he is on.
Sara October 08, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Christine, I was responding to the original posting, not your comment. Insofar as being a, "loather", that's a new one for me. I would never loathe someone simply because they have more wealth than I do (nor less). I would tend to think much less of anyone who uses their wealth to modify an economic system to benefit only themselves. It's short term thinking and tends to decimate the Commons. In the end, it is something that no economic system can sustain for long.
Sara October 08, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Craig, some of us actually *do* recycle. And compost, too. We don't buy playboy, for the articles or the unbelievably photoshopped images (c'mon. What woman has no bellybutton? Doesn't that creep you out, just a little?) Meanwhile, PBS has some good shows, especially for kids, such as the Cat in the Hat (with Martin Short doing Cat's voice!). And watching old episodes on Create of Jacque Pepin and Julia Child laughing and creating food together is priceless (perhaps you ought to give it a try). Most of the time, though, we tend to use our rec room TV more as a huge monitor and get content online or via over-the-air. I find 99% of what's on cable to be largely a waste of time. Why is Romney garnering any votes from the 47% he so clearly holds in great disdain? Pandering, mostly. He and the GOP play to people's irrational fears via promises of sharing the wealth & power. Mostly, it's due to religious fervor. Ronald Regan's Republicans have lost control of their party to a relatively small group of zealots that are not above promoting the Bible as needing to be on equal footing with the Constitution. Less enfranchised people and those with little in the way of critical thinking skills that have some but not much privilege eat that stuff up.
Craig Belfor October 08, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Hook, line, and sinker, Sara. You jumped on my post like it was the last chopper out of Saigon. Thanks for updating me on the Playboy pix. I never looked at them as closely as you do. Buying a big screen to put in your huge rec room to watch only PBS is like going to Boalt Hall to study tenant's rights law.You got the composting down, now start your recycling effort with the stick.
Sara October 09, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Sorry, Craig; I didn't know you were acting like a jerk just to play with me. I actually thought I'd find some intellect here. Next time I see your name, I'll know better.


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