Is customer service alive & well in Novato?

In the advent of our country's ongoing economic distress, customer service has become even more important than ever before. As a consumer, I wish to do my part & contribute to spending & helping to do my part to contribute to the local economy. However, I am choosing to not frequent business establishments that do not offer basic courtesies such as acknowledging a customer when they enter a business, not using the magic words "please" & "thank you," and not listening to kind, customer feedback. The latest establishment that I will no longer frequent is Boca Pizzeria & Restaurant. After years of frequenting this restaurant a recent, poor customer service experience with a management team member left a sour taste in my mouth. Many of us work too hard for our money to spend it in locations that does not offer basic, customer service. To my fellow business owners out there, in which I am one (with a staff of fifty), please be careful about who you leave in charge when you are not around to supervise. You may just have money walking out your door on a daily basis & not even know it.


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