Ever wonder if your supplements and diet support your optimal health?

The Profiler is a technological breakthrough that will scan the energy signatures of your cells, open a window to your inner environment and offer solutions where issues are indicated.

Wellness begins at a cellular level when we are able to create an environment in which all of the cells of the body can thrive.

By establishing the body's bio-resonance response to each of the categories and the individual elements which make them up, we are able to build a picture of the cellular environment at the bio-information level.

The profiler takes the data from 1 hair, placed on a Tesla coil, and returns a 16-page report in less than 5 minutes, providing deficiency and/or excesses indicators in:
Amino Acids
Essential Fatty Acids
Vitamins and Minerals
Toxic Metals, Radiation and Chemicals,
EMF/ELF Disturbance,
and Food Intolerance

Join a 3-month Pilot Study and get your first profile for $150, with follow up for $100.

The Profiler has been researched in Europe for 4+ years. This limited study will refine it for the American Market. Be among the first to take charge of your own health.

Call or email today to make an appointment for your profile and consultation. 415-405-5350 morganbates.rbclife@gmail.com

Note: This is not a medical device in the US. We do not in any way diagnose, cure, treat or mitigate medical issues.


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