What Would Fit Well at the Square's Grocery Vacancy?

DeLano's Market, anchor store at The Square shopping center, closed in 2009. Who would be a good tenant here?

Maybe Novato Patch readers can help our local commercial real estate folks figure out how to fill some of our empty storefronts. Might as well give it a try, right?

Each week, we will feature a vacant store, abandoned building or undeveloped lot and ask readers: "What do you wish were here?"

The idea was inspired by Candy Chang from New Orleans, who in 2010 created "I wish this was ..." stickers and placed thousands around the city for residents to fill in the blanks. Stickers can be bought online here

The former DeLano's Market spot has been empty for about three years and rumors have died down about how might move in. What do you think would really enhance this location on the western end of Novato?

If you're interested, call Horizon Properties at 707-789-9132.

Tina McMillan June 25, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Like so many others I find it unfathomable why the landlord would let this property sink into disrepair. The taxes alone make it a significant investment. It is all ready zoned for mixed use. I keep thinking that we will see a change once the lease ends for CVS. It didn't use to be an eyesore. When Roger Wilco was the grocery chain it was a wonderful place to shop and the nearby restaurants were good places to eat. It seems unfair to the remaining shop owners that so little is done to keep up the area and to make it more inviting. San Marin Plaza ( http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/13766335/101-199-San-Marin-Drive-Novato-CA/) is constantly releasing space as it opens up. The center is vibrant and enhances the surrounding neighborhood. We need the owner of the Square to care enough to do the same. Take a look at the Retail West development going in at 7370 Redwood Blvd http://www.loopnet.com/Attachments/1/D/2/1D2BAE00-2252-48BF-89B5-98098C407303.pdf
Shirley Nye August 29, 2012 at 04:32 PM
I have silently wished that United Market would move here. As a privately owned store (like Roger Wilco was) I think it would fit the area perfectly. I watch their ads and the prices are moderate and they support locally sourced food items. Private owners seem more community minded too. Shirley N.
Nanci Boyd August 29, 2012 at 05:18 PM
I think that we do need a bigger Rec Center in Novato and that location would be perfect. We could have a place with in door soccer, baseball, basketball, a place for hosting meetings and parties and if it works a swimming pool. People could rent out some of the area for events, camps could be held there, study clubs etc. People could also join the club and pay a fee for the pool use and club room use etc. AND it would be open to the public for another fee to use it on an as need basis.
Donna germano December 11, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Get rid of the parent owner! But how is the question . Pride does not exist nor community interest. Just greed. I hear they don't live in the area. All the ideas for a vital center are great:ateen center,co-op,specialty foods shops, and definately a place for staples like milk,eggs and such so that those of us liviing at this end of town don't have to run all over the place And might there be a place for a home furniture shop in this town? Gog help us if we were ever to get a book store or something like it! food shops,
pure living February 26, 2013 at 05:48 PM
The entire Novato Square Shopping Center is decrepit and hideous. It needs to be torn down and rebuilt - I'd like to see the shopping center look like the new one over at Hamilton.


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