Novato Doctor Targeted by Consumer Advocacy Group

Weight loss center operator is jeopardizing the health of patients by using a device that hasn't been properly tested, Public Citizen says.

A Novato physician who runs a weight loss center is under fire from a consumer advocacy group along with other doctors who use and promote a medical device being used in fat reduction programs, according to a story by the nonprofit California Watch investigative reporting team.

Dr. Gail Altschuler, who operates the Altschuler Center for Weight Loss and Wellness, is demonstrating a "reckless disregard for the health and welfare of patients" in the words of the Public Citizen advocacy group.

Public Citizen's complaint letter to the state medical board is part of a campaign by consumer advocates to prevent the use of the LipoTron device for weight loss until it undergoes additional regulatory scrutiny. 

Altschuler told California Watch that she is following ethical medical practices in her use of the LipoTron, and she said the procedure has been effective 80 percent of the time.

Read California Watch's story here.

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Belinda W. Worley September 28, 2012 at 09:31 PM
While the physician in this clip says she has done her “own research”, what she says is marketing “spin” by RevecoMed and AAC. RevecoMed, this physician, not any physicians we know of, have done the requisite ct scans, blood panels, urinalysis, stool analysis, lymphatic screenings, or other biologic metrics before, after, and during Lipotron/Lipo-Ex treatment. There simply is no research, nothing but anecdotes from subjective sources. Those CT scans pictured in RevecoMed promo materials are over seven years old, from S.Korea of unknown origin and protocol. Remember fen-phen? People took the pills, lost the weight. It was months, even years in some cases, before the damage was discovered and people were horrified–they didn’t hurt or feel bad when they were taking the pills and losing weight. But now their heart is critically impaired or some other unexplained malady has cropped up. Here’s a hypothetical: It’s now four years since the young female patient in this video had her Lipotron treatments. She gets pregnant. Her infant is born with some birth defect. Her medical history points to no genetic or other obvious cause. But she remembers the radiofrequency treatments that specifically targeted her stomach/lower abdomen. Her doctor had assured her it was safe and effective. But now the patient finds out this device was never FDA approved,was fraudulently marketed, sold, and used for over seven years. What do you think this young mother is going to do now?


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