Brush Strokes Capture Model's Beauty

Live painting demonstration is a Saturday morning treasure at the ARTrageous Gallery.

The relaxed model, Carol Bergeman, sits on a sunlit stool listening to jazz as she watches the people and cars on Grant Avenue through the large windows of the new ARTrageous Gallery.

Carol Smith Myer, the artist, captures the personality of the model with strokes of her brushes.  The oil painting demonstration is mesmerizing as you watch the model’s portrait emerge on the canvas.

At first, Carol’s brush strokes are long, creating the dark shadows that will be the foundation for the portrait. The artist mixes oil paint colors on her palette and the brush strokes become more refined as they recreate the model’s expressive eyes, lips and curly hair.

Since oil paints dry slowly, Carol will be painting for three hours in the gallery demonstrating her mastery of portrait painting.  She will then take the work home and put on the finishing touches. This will satisfy the artist's “love to create something of beauty and wonder.”

Carol is an accomplished artist, painting figures, landscapes, portraits and still life. She is one of 16 artists on exhibit at the ARTrageous Gallery. Click here to visit her website for further information about commissioned portraits, work and classes available.

Visit the ARTrageous Gallery to view a live demonstration on Saturdays, starting at 11:15 a.m.


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