Knock Down Finished, Drag Out Starts on 999 Grant Ave.

Former offices at Redwood & Grant are leveled to make room for a new multiuse building that will serve as home to Circle Bank.

With a few violent swings of their metal claws, a pair of excavators operated by construction crew members flattened the last few walls of a downtown Novato building on Wednesday as onlookers snapped photos and took video with their cell phones.

The former savings and loan building at — later law offices and other businesses — was constructed in 1968 but had been vacant since 1999. For videos of the first stages of demolition a few days ago, click .

Steve B May 26, 2011 at 04:17 PM
Wow, with the building gone it is so much easier to envision how nice a park, or town square would be instead of another building. Imagine Sonoma's town square, here, in Novato. More parking, more communal space, more Redwoods, more prosperity for businesses on the square... I challenge planners to look at making our existing businesses healthier instead of simply allowing more taxable structures.
Craig Belfor May 27, 2011 at 02:40 PM
I agree, but a square next to McDonalds wouldn't be as good as the one in Sonoma or Healdsburg, although still a great asset to show that we also are willing to pay for amenities, not just collect tax dollars. With all the vacant storefronts in town, I'm hoping we'll fill it. The downside to a town square here is that it would probably become Wyndover's toilet.


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