Downtown Novato Peet's to Stay Put Through New Year's

Move across town delayed so that construction of new location on Redwood Boulevard can be wrapped up. Tagliaferri's Deli to sit tight, then take over current Peet's spot.

Originally set to move in November, the Peet's Coffee & Tea in downtown Novato will stay put through the end of the year before moving to its new location on Redwood Boulevard.

Brian Tagliaferri of Tagliaferri's Delicatessen & Cafe said a lease extension was recently finalized between his business, Peet's and the management company at the Downtown Novato Shopping Center. Tagliaferri's, a popular deli at the Square Shopping Center on Novato's west side, announced in August it would take over the location occupied by Peet's.

In a deal announced in July, Peet's will move into a new complex being built at 7370 Redwood Boulevard, site of the old Denny's/Mills Restaurant building that was demolished this spring. The new building is taking shape where the old Mills Restaurant parking area used to be, and the new parking will be where the torn-down restaurant used to be.

Peet's will occupy 1,800 square feet and will be on the side of the building opposite McDonald's, facing south and west.

Brian Tagliaferri, a Novato resident who founded the deli with his father, Al, in 1997, said they have extended their lease at the Square; it had been set to expire at the end of October. The Tagliaferris have been looking for a new home since the Square lost its main tenant, a grocery store, three years ago. The center is more than half vacant.

"We figure it's going to take about a month to get everything over there, so we're thinking we'll be ready to open by the end of January or the start of February," Brian Tagliaferri said.

He expects to keep the deli's Square location open until about the third week of January, then have a week to 10 days to make final preparations to open at the new location.

Meantime, he's hiring. Tagliaferri's has about a dozen employees right now, but Brian Tagliaferri said he'd like to have the staff at 18 to 20 for the grand re-opening.

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Norma Dawson November 03, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Do you know how the city defines a "blighted property" and what can be done about it?
Tina McMillan November 03, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Norma I think the square fits the definition of blight. It has virtually lost all its small businesses, it has no anchor store and all that is left is CVS because they had a long term lease. I just keeping thinking there must be a proactive way that as folks living in neighborhoods close to the Square we can ask the city about forming a committee to explore how to bring it back. When my children were small (they are now 23 and 20) it was thriving! Roger Wilco was a wonderful grocery store where all the employees knew customers by name. Tagliaferi's had business all week long with lines out the store. The other small businesses were equally successful. Then Mr. Chang appeared to push out stores by increasing rents but letting the property go to seed. I don't know what will happen but rather than wait and see I keep thinking we might be able to help. The chamber has a leadership class where participants are allowed to focus on specific projects to help the community. What if we asked the city if we could do the same? There are so many people that care about the Square and if the city were to reach out to Mr. Chang perhaps a dialogue could begin. If nothing happens I suspect this area will be part of the next draft housing element. In the current draft it includes renovating blighted shopping centers with a mix of retail and housing.
Eleanor Sluis November 04, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Please contact the Novato City Manager, Economic Developer, Community Development Director, Chamber of Commerce, and the Public Relations Manager. Together there is over $450,000 of Novato’s taxes going to support them in writing strategies for the improvement of businesses and tourists in our town. With this wealth of employee and business talent, who knows what may happen if the surrounding neighbors and Novato Alliance representatives meet and add their ideas to the paid personnel of the city regarding Novato Square at Wilson and Novato Blvd.? A sustained collaborative campaign for improvements may result in a revitalized shopping center with efforts in that vein.
Tina McMillan November 04, 2012 at 03:16 AM
Chester If you are going to be rude at least use your real name. The issues concerning the Square go back two years now when the city was in the process of designating affordable housing sites. As neighbors we do have a say as to what happens in our community. NCA and the Blue Ribbon Coalition are responsible for the Shell Station at the Square not expanding into a convenience store with a 24 hour liquor license. Once they knew there would be no liquor license forthcoming there was no redevelopment of the station. It use to be a working station where you could take your car to have it repaired. I recognize you from the charter posts. Since you seem hell bent on stopping a legal charter from forming in Novato it surprises me that you would be critical of my attempts to bring back the Square from its blighted condition. You can't have it both ways.
Tina McMillan November 04, 2012 at 03:17 AM
Thanks Eleanor, that is a great idea, particularly with the new economic development director!


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