New Dollar Tree Store Opens in North Whisman

What would you buy for $1? Share your shopping list with us!

See a penny? Pick it up.

It turns out that 100 pennies can get you a whole lot, especially if you choose to shop at the recently opened Dollar Tree store at 199 E. Middlefield Road.

The store, which opened during the last week of September 2012, buzzed with continuous activity on Wednesday afternoon as parents, school children and other residents walked in to the new "dollar store" for the first time. For a dollar consumers had hundreds of options like Betty Crocker kitchen utensils, party supplies, all sorts of bathroom and beauty supplies, food and beverages, electronics, stationary, and holiday decorations.

"The kids are delighted," said Silvia Velasco, a mom of three students at the German International School of Silicon Valley, who had promised to allow them to choose a few items. "Things are much cheaper than at other stores."

Velasco noted that the spider web Halloween decoration she purchased at Wal-Mart was much cheaper at at Dollar Tree. She added that the store’s proximity to several schools would definitely attract the parents, who can stop by after the kids have been dropped off in the morning.

"I think that when parents see this," Silvia said. "It will be a hit."

Military mom Jessica Bethune stopped into the new location for the first time and shared her excitement.

"This is my favorite place," said Bethune, a Moffett Field resident, who has shopped at different dollar stores. On this trip she headed straight to the cleaning supplies and picked up a bottle of Palmolive dishwashing soap. "It’s well-priced compared to somewhere else."

Dollar Tree opened in the location of the old Mountain View Club, the athletic facility that closed in 2010. The building—which previously had weight and aerobic rooms, racquet and basketball courts, locker rooms and spa features—now houses the Yew Chung International School in the back and Dollar Tree out in front.

"I will admit to being a little skeptical, but as I walked through the store I was amazed by how many things they sold at that price that one would normally get at the supermarket, everything from Halloween supplies, to groceries, clothing and bath products," .

"Dollar Tree should bring some much needed activity to the shopping center," he said.


Mountain View Patch wondered what types of things you purchase at dollar stores? Have you made meals with foods purchased there? Decorated your home for Halloween or Christmas? If you had $5, $10, $20, what would you buy?

[Editor's Note: For $7.59 I purchased a 350 pack of cotton swabs, a manicure set, a 12-color eyeshadow make-up palette, hand soap, four-pairs of ear plugs (with case), insoles for my high heels and a Halloween door decoration.]


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Jeanne Sanders November 28, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Love Dollar Tree stores.....just read in the Patch this morning that mountain view has one . I'm up in the sierra's and yesterday went to a Dollar Tree..spent 60 dollars and now have 60 items to fill Christmas socks.....some of the items....nail clipper sets, book lights ,candy, trivets, Sharpie marking pens, 3 pk. hi lighters, battery testers, batteries, blistex, colgate toothpaste, salt and pepper grinders(full) , candels, travel mirrors....on and on..these are great stores and yes, sometimes you will get something you don't think was worth a darn but that also happens at regular stores.....I needed 24 champagne glasses last year and headed to Sunnyvale Dollar Tree and there they were....
Claudia Cruz November 28, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Great idea! Stocking stuffers from the dollar store. I think I can probably do a follow-up article just with your suggestions. Also, people with tight budgets could probably get their gifts there too! Isn't it the thought that counts and not the amount spent? Happy Holidays Jeanne!


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