Baeltane Brewing Celebrating 1-Year Anniversary This Saturday

Alan Atha at the Opening Ceremonies of San Francisco Beer Week. Photo: Mario Rubio
Alan Atha at the Opening Ceremonies of San Francisco Beer Week. Photo: Mario Rubio

Baeltane Brewing, a Novato microbrewery located in Bel Marin Keys, is throwing it down this weekend.

The creation of Alan Atha and Cathy Portje, the business is celebrating its one year anniversary on Saturday with food, music and plenty of brew.

Atha has been brewing for 11 years — as long as he's been living in Novato — and brewing pretty seriously for the past six, mostly out of his Novato home but occasionally with other microbreweries.

He focuses on craft beers that have full body, full flavor and some ingredients that fall well outside the norm. Atha has spent a lot of time in Europe — including most of his youth in England — and is recipes are reflective of his experiences there.

In beer geek parlance, Baeltane is a "nano," sort of a supermicrobrewery, because the products are not produced with a rushed idea of mass distribution.

The fun starts at 12pm Saturday and continues until 10:30pm. Live music by A Thousand Years at Sea and Zoe Blank. 

Baeltane is located at 401B Bel Marin Keys Boulevard. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Brent Ainsworth contributed reporting.
Sharon Moretti December 14, 2013 at 03:56 PM
OMG. The best beer in the history of the world. Everyone I've told about Baeltane says: "It's the best beer in the history of the world." (no kidding)


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