A Chance to Learn 'Responsible Beverage Control'

People who serve alcoholic drinks as part of their work can take a class from the police to learn about laws and ways to limit binge drinking.

A class is coming up next week for people who work in businesses that sell alcohol to increase awareness of public safety, laws pertaining to alcohol sales and to recognize when it might not be a good time to serve liquor to someone.

The Responsible Beverage Service class is offered free by the Novato Police Department, which "strongly encourages" employees of liquor-licensed establishments to attend. The next session is Oct. 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the police station's training room.

Novato and other Marin County towns have experienced high levels of alcohol-related problems — from eye-opening DUI statistics to stunning rates of binge drinking among teens.

Making proprietors who sell alcohol more aware of the training could lead to more  awareness of the problems among those who serve drinks, police said.

Acting Lt. Jennifer Welch of Novato PD said 10 to 30 people attend the half-day class whenever it is offered.

"We’ve also done some on site for larger businesses," she said. "Heightened awareness for any program usually leads to increased attendance."

The class information includes the guidelines from the state's Alcohol Beverage Control department, server education and development of partnerships between law enforcement, local government and community groups.

If you're a server at a local restaurant and this sounds like a good idea, inquire with your boss about it. Registration can be made by calling 897-4361 or emailing jwelch@novato.org. And if you're a server and haven't heard about it, you have to wonder why, right?

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