The Best Blogs on Patch: Bras, Books and Real Estate

An old bank note tucked in a book. Courtesy of blogger Gary Van Antwerp.
An old bank note tucked in a book. Courtesy of blogger Gary Van Antwerp.

Written by Penny Riordan

Every day people are posting heartwarming, useful and inspiring stories in their blogs on Patch.

Here’s some of the best blogs we saw this week:

1. Do you love going to yard sales and antique shops and rummaging through old books? Urban archeologist and Brookfield Patch Blogger Gary Van Antwerp loves old books and the things he will find in them.

Van Antwerp wrote in his blog the Urban Archeologist that older editions of books can be places of hidden treasure. He's found old bank notes and advertisements tucked between the pages. 

With the rise of Kindles and e-books, Van Antwerp wonders if printed books will stick around for their sentimental value. 

"Food for thought: What would an author do if you handed him or her a Kindle or Nook with their book on it and asked for an autograph?" 

2. If you're a woman, you'll want to check out this blog on bras. Yes, bras.

Heide Olson is an expert on all things bras and shares her wealth of knowledge in her blog Perk 'Em Up With the Bra Ladyon Grayslake Patch. 

This week Olson shared about a fitting she did for a young girl, who wanted a bra just like her mother. 

"Whether they lack a bust line or are overly endowed, girls are especially sensitive to teasing of any kind at this age.  Many of my clients have told me that their self-conscious feelings began as a result of insensitive treatment during these early years.  So, if your daughter mentions that it's time to shop for a bra, it's possible the support may be more for her emotions than her bust line!"

3. This week on Reston Patch, Blogger and Virginia State Delegate Ken Plum shared his thoughts on the Navy Yard shootings in his blog.

Plum observed in his post that Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was exercising his constitutional right to carry a firearm when he walked into the Washington, D.C. facility and shot 12 people. 

With every incident that occurs, it seems that the outrage from the public is becoming less and less, he said. 

"It's amazing how these events produce so little outrage anymore. If it were not for the parents of the Virginia Tech students and Newtown children and Gabby Giffords who herself was a victim they might pass unnoticed. In fact, there are dozens of gun-related killings every week that barely get press attention because there were only one or two victims. It seems that the number needs to get up to a dozen or more at one massacre to make the news."

4. In an informative blog on Danvers Patch, Realtor Lillian Montalto tackled a question every homeowner asks when considering selling: What is the price of your home? 

There are many factors that can go into the price of a home being put on the market, Montalto wrote in this week's post

The most important factors to keep in mind are the prices of homes in your area, the market conditions and how quickly you want your home to sell, she said. 

"Price your home too high, and you risk having it languish on the market – and potentially necessitate a future price reduction. Price it too low, and you might cheat yourself out of a larger return."

5. Sometimes a blog can be as simple as sharing some facts and then posing a question.

That's exactly what Pastor and Blogger John Edward Griffin did on Imperial Beach Patch. 

Griffin's blog, the T-Shirt Pastor Blog covers topics ranging from 9/11 to community issues to questions of faith. 

In this week's post, he shared that he recently learned that 15,000 people in the city have no religious affiliation. Griffin said he'd like to hear from those folks and if they would answer two questions: 

"1.What is your biggest hope or dream for your own life?

2. “What is your biggest fear or worry about your own life?”

What about you? Do you have something to share on Patch? 

Patch is open platform where readers can post, comment and recommend stories on the site. Any user is welcome to blog, by going to the ‘blogs’ tab from the homepage. 


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