Numbers Nuts Celebrate 11/11/11 with a Toast Between Friends

Group, unofficially headed by Novato's Dick Steinbach, has been getting together for numerical reasons since 7/7/77.

One local group is truly nuts about this 11/11/11 stuff. Not necessarily superstitious, but rather finding a darn good excuse to party.

Dick Steinbach of Novato can trace the wacky tradition of the Numbers Nuts to July, 7, 1977 when a group of friends came to stay with his family for the Fourth of July festivities. He had to get up and go to work on 7/7/77, but before he left he woke everybody up and made them make a toast at 7:07 that morning.

On 8/8/88, the group of four couples got back together and spent the day in San Francisco, gaining the attention of famed San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Cain and KSFO radio.

On 9/9/99, they went to a festival at the Miller beer factory in Milwaukee.

On 1/1/01, they were in San Antonio.

On 2/2/02, they were in San Diego.

On 3/3/03, they were in Sedona, Ariz.

On 4/4/04, they were in Natchez, Miss.

On 5/5/05, they were in Ensenada, Mexico.

On 6/6/06, they were in Chicago.

On 7/7/07, they were in Los Angeles.

On 8/8/08, they were in Santa Barbara.

On 9/9/09, they were in Door County, Wis.

On 10/10/10, they were in Sutter Creek in the Gold Country.

Where are they today?

“We’ll be in Palm Springs with a custom banner,” Steinbach said a few days ago. “We usually unfurl a banner for a photo in each location and put it away for posterity — or maybe the dump when we all depart for the last time.

They plan to be up at 11:11 p.m. for a toast after seeing the famed Follies show in Palm Springs, he said.

The group lost two members in recent years, but the others are determined to keep holding Numbers Nuts meetings.

“We just six old friends in their late 60s/70s still able to find an excuse to celebrate,” he said.


And then there’s this note from Bay City News Service:

At least one Bay Area baby entered the world today at the stroke of 11:11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2011. A baby girl with the distinctive birth date arrived at Kaiser Permanente's San Jose Medical Center in a natural birth, said hospital spokesman Karl Sonkin.

The mother, Tanya Reyes, and the father, are "absolutely over the moon" and everyone is doing well, Sonkin said.






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