Marin Shipwreck Doc to Air on PBS

The San Agustin sank off Point Reyes in 1595

A 16th Century coastal Marin County shipwreck - believed to be the first on the West Coast - is the subject of a PBS documentary that will air this week.

“The San Agustin: California Shipwreck,” will air on PBS affiliate KQED-TV San Francisco.

The half-hour documentary, produced by Marin County resident George Thelen of Thelen Creative, highlights the journey of the legendary Spanish galleon San Agustin, which sank off Point Reyes in 1595.

Thelen is a freelance content producer who recently led the creation of the Marin History Museum’s award-winning mobile Application and audio documentary series. 

The program will air on Wednesday (Jan. 22) at 11:00pm and again on Sunday, (Jan. 26) at 3:00pm on KQED-TV.

More than 70 survivors were stranded in an unfamiliar land when the ship sank during a storm off the Northern California coast in 1595.

Captain Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeño piloted the surviving crew more than 1,500 miles back to Mexico, (what was then called “New Spain”) using only a small craft the galleon had carried with her for exploration.

The shipwreck has never been excavated and lies within the Drake’s Bay Historic and Archaeological District.

The District was designated a National Historic Landmark by the U.S Department of Interior in October 2012.

San Agustin enthusiasts have set their own home page and Facebook page. They’re connecting on other social media sites, sharing video clips and photos on Vimeo and Flickr.

Thelen’s company is encouraging viewers to vote for his video in an online International Movie Trailer Festival contest.

2MudDucks January 22, 2014 at 11:09 AM
Oh good 11 PM, Good Grief !! "Thelen’s company is encouraging viewers to vote for his video in an online International Movie Trailer Festival contest." What a shame that there are not other viewing opportunities.
Bubba six pack January 22, 2014 at 06:33 PM
I'm looking forward to seeing this film. I heard about this story before. A shipwreck involving millions of dollars in loot, sunk by an inept crew who blamed it on a storm, but who managed to escape unharmed themselves at no personal loss. For those of you who miss the movie, you can still catch the play. It runs very Tuesday night at at the City Hall building.
Hopkin January 22, 2014 at 07:59 PM
Bubba, are you saying the Council is about to make a run for New Spain?!?


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