Is There an Art to Mailbox Security?

All around Novato, mailboxes showcase homeowners' personalities. They may be fun to look, but should they have locks on them?

There are beautiful mailboxes standing tall curbside throughout Novato. Many of them reflect the homeowner's personality. Do you own a farm? Are you a pilot? Did you work for the railroad. Are you an artist? In some cases, the mailboxes are works of art.

But they serve an important purpose, too. Mixed in with the junk mail, essential documents are placed in there by letter carriers in full trust that it will end up in the hands of the intended recipient. But only a few of the boxes, mostly at apartment complexes, have locks on them.

Is mailbox security an issue in Novato? We take great pains to lock our doors, insure that our web activity is secure, but in most cases we have not secured our mailboxes. Should we be concerned?

If you decide to purchase a new mailbox, read the United States Post Office guidelines prior to your purchase to make sure the box is USPS approved. Even if the mailbox is not stamped with the approval, homeowners can modify their mailboxes to accomodate the regulations.

Sylvia Barry June 07, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Lovely pictures, Sue. Also love the ideas you come up with each week. Thank you! Just last year one of my friends had her check (in a mail) stolen from her mailbox, which was altered and being cashed. Fortunately the bank called when they became suspicious (although the theft fled when they were calling). Subsequently, an advise was given by an USPS mail person that mail theft from mailboxes was becoming common and suggested not putting the flag up if you had things to pick up. The thinking is the mail thieves do not have time to stop at every mailbox. The USPS employee also said holiday time is the worst and that break ins to houses are becoming more commonplace while people are on vacation. We have a locked mailbox and we mostly drop off our mails at the mailbox right down the street.


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