Drought Emergency Declared For California; Six-Alarm Fire in Redwood City; Millions in Gang-Related Drugs, Firearms Seized in Contra Costa County

Plus, young quadriplegic puts life back together; Mom and son jailed for tax fraud; cigarette sets teen ablaze

Governor Jerry Brown - image Creative Commons

Welcome to the your weekend Northern California Patch roundup!

Today’s big news comes from Gov. Jerry Brown, who confirmed what many already know: California is in the middle of a major drought emergency. Read more on San Mateo Patch and check out the dramatic photos.

“‘We have to recognize this is not a partisan adversary,’ Brown said at a news conference in San Francisco Friday morning. ‘This is Mother Nature. We have to live within the resources we have,’ the governor said.”

“Brown said 2014 is projected to become the driest year on record in California. His proclamation of a state of emergency includes a series of executive orders requiring state agencies to aid affected farmers and communities by expediting water transfers and releasing stored water from reservoirs.”
“The governor also ordered state agencies to implement water conservation plans and called on all Californians to reduce their water usage by 20 percent.”

More top headlines from around Northern California Patch sites:

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Six-Alarm Fire Burns Machine Shop in Redwood City

Young Quadriplegic Slowly Putting Her Life Back Together
Man in Jail in Florida Arrested for 2 San Ramon Bank Robberies
Sting Seizes Gang-Related Drugs, Firearms Worth Millions in Contra Costa County
Update: Cigarette Set Teen Ablaze at Concord BART Station
Mom, Son Sent To Prison After Filing False IRS Tax Returns
Man Arrested for Robbing Medical Marijuana Outside Dominican Hospital
novato 3per January 19, 2014 at 11:28 AM
REPEAL AB4, abandon Sanctuary City practices, enforce Federal Immigration Laws and send all illegal Alien water users back to their countries! That wil DEFINITELY cut water consumption! Brilliant!


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