Changes Coming to Redwood and Grant Bus Transfer Facility

Public input is wanted on the new Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project. New bus transfer facility will replace existing Novato facility.

Photo credit: Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project

A new project to redesign and reconstruct the major downtown Novato bus stop facility at Redwood Boulevard between Grant and De Long Avenues has started. The Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project is asking the public for input on a replacement bus transfer facility.

Lauren Gradia, Director of Capital Projects at Marin Transit said the impetus for the project was because of the aging bus transfer facility. “The structures are starting to deteriorate,” Gradia said.

The passenger shelters are one reason but she also explained that if a bus currently comes into the bus transfer facility to pick up passengers and breaks down or has a layover, all buses behind would be forced to wait until the bus in front was moved. “We want to improve operations, safety and to replace the aging facility,” she said.

The Redwood and Grant facility is the third most heavily used transit stop in Marin and the busiest in Novato. Nine different bus routes and 200 buses with an estimated 1,000 passengers use the transit facility each day.

Gradia wishes to allay fears of drivers and says the layout of the new bus transfer facility won't expand past its current footprint and is not expected to affect traffic.

“Aesthetically the project has design details that have been previously used downtown with an effort to maximize those designs, conscious to the design elements,” she said.

Staff from the Redwood and Grant Transportation Improvement Project will be on hand at the bus stop facility to answer questions during the mornings and afternoons of January 28 and 29. The public can also ask questions during the Novato Design Review Commission on Wednesday, February 5 at 7:30 pm.

More information and a survey can be found on the project's website http://redwoodandgrant.org

Do you use the bus transfer facility? What do you think about it?


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