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NYSA and Extreme Player of The Week U9 Boys Select

Garratt a natural center and right mid fielder who can also play any other position. Technically he is a quality player. His vision and awareness is to be desired. A true team player with a kind heart. Come game time he is focused, intense and can deliver the golazos. At Play date #1 in March he scored two key goals to help the team pull out a 3-2 win against San Juan, in Woodlands California.  During the championship game at the Novato Classic 2 minutes into the game the ball is crossed into the box by Novato's left wing, there is Garratt running into the box perfectly timing the cross and blasting the ball into the goal.  His play appears effortless and his effect on the game is substantial.  He is joy to watch play soccer even at this age.


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