Novato-Intro to Kidz Tennis...the sport of a lifetime!

Intro to tennis!
Intro to tennis!
Calling all Novato Kidz.... Tennis is the sport of a lifetime... 
Why choose tennis (Quickstart Format) as a sport for your child?
  • Tennis is a lifetime sport
  • Focus on fun, not drills...games-based instruction and skill development
  • Very low risk of concussion and other body contact injuries compared to other youth sports
  • No sitting on the bench!!!
  • No standing-around in the outfield waiting for the ball to be hit to your child
  • No standing in line waiting for a turn
  • No boring laps - games based conditioning
  • Focus on body movement and footwork development, racquet skills, endurance, sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, quickness, core development, safety, injury avoidance, sending and tracking-receiving
  • No travel
  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Have your Saturdays back!... no more waiting around all Saturday for your child's 1 minute race!

USTA Quickstart Tennis for Kidz

Saturday Mornings at Novato High School
USTA Certified Quickstart Instructors 
visit USTA at  http://10andundertennis.com/ 
Affordable, Convenient, Fun
Contact Coach Charlie: Kidz4Tennis@Gmail.com

Spring Schedule 
11:00am - Intermediate Level - USTA Orange Ball Program

Check out parent testimonials: 

"Kidz 4 Tennis" is a 501c3 Non Profit
Online https://sites.google.com/site/kidz4tennis/
Phone: 415.385.0161
Email at: Kidz4Tennis@gmail.com 
USTA "Quickstart Specialists" visit: http://10andundertennis.com/


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