The Novato Human Needs Center is celebrating its clients and volunteers as heroes at Novato's July 4th parade next week. Here is what Timoteo (lower right in photo), our oldest volunteer (81) and longest serving (18 years) says about the Center: Here are his words (in English and Spanish):
I enjoy helping the community where I live. I like it.
Yo disfruto ayudar a la comunidad donde vivo. Me gusta mucho hacer esto.

I love to represent the Novato Human Needs Center because I am grateful
to the Center because of the many different services it offers like
food. And I am grateful to this country because it opened its doors and I
am now a citizen.
Me encanta representar a Novato Human Needs
Center porque estoy agradecido con el Centro debido a los diferentes
servicios que ofrece a la comunidad como alimentos y otras cosas.
Tambien lo hago como agradecimiento a este país que me abrió las puertas
y ahora soy ciudadano de este país.


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