Stand Up for Our City by Joining Novato Homeowner's Association

Protect the value of your home and the fiscal sustainability of Novato.

It is time Novato homeowners stood up, spoke out and took a stand for balanced housing in their community.

The Novato Homeowners Association has two main goals:

  • To protect the value of homes in Novato.
  • To protect the character of the city of Novato.

Novato is under assault by special interest groups: developers, advocates, and institutional investors/profiteers. Their goal is to make Novato the affordable housing solution for all of Marin at the expense of the the homeowners of Novato.

We want the clarity of our voices and message to be heard in Sacramento. We need to join together and promote an agenda where balanced housing is made a priority. Without balanced housing goals, city- and state-funded services will be negatively impacted due to lack of sufficient property and sales tax revenue. If Novato homeowners do not stand up and speak out, the special-interest groups will decide what is to be built, and we will pay for it for years to come.

There is no cost to join Novato Homeowner's Association (NHA). We need to show HCD that the homeowners of Novato are committed to maintaining a financially viable community whose taxes support the individuals and families that live here.

To join and show your support for the goals and mission statement, please log onto www.novatohoa.com and go to the upper right corner to the word register. Fill out the user registration form and you will receive an email confirmation. 

What We Believe

Novato Homeowners are currently not well represented with respect to ongoing civic affairs. Decisions currently being made by City management have recently favored deep-pocketed special-interest groups; these decisions may result in a combination of reduced home values and escalating budget structural issues.

Homeowners are the backbone of any community, and Novato is no different. When the majority of residents are adversely affected by the actions of a vocal minority, the majority need to have their voices heard or accept the consequences. Novato has been plagued with budget deficits in recent years, and is projected to have structural budget deficits in the future (absent any changes to current taxes). Deficits affect the level of services that can be provided. Continuing to promote a strategy of allowing nonprofits to develop property tax-exempt, high-density housing will result in increased burdens on taxpaying property owners to either support existing service levels, or accept the effects of reduced services.

Homeowners Of Novato

In Novato, approximately 67 percent of residents live in owner occupied dwellings, and 33 percent live in rental units. Homeowner property taxes constitute the largest revenue source for the City's operating revenue. In addition to property taxes, homeowners contribute the vast majority of other revenues needed for the City to operate.

 If you agree we have attached a flyer you can use in your neighborhood.

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Ventress Dugan February 08, 2013 at 12:05 AM
"My Opinion as a Voter" try to follow the post, Tina is stating this as a resident of Novato, which I believe we all are. I believe all of this is the planning stage. Follow?
Harry V Lehmann February 08, 2013 at 12:35 AM
Al Dugan and Bob Silvestri have done the best composition yet done on the subject of forced high density housing. If the real stakes were helping people, not massive tax-free developer profits, second units would be encouraged, not rendered financially unfeasible. There is a latent Equal Protection issue in the facts Al has reported: Novato is the favored landing area for expensive societal problems which should directly involve the whole county. Ross got away with naming, ridiculous, the Marin Art & Garden Center as part of its Housing Element. Tiburon got away with supposed Nanny Units. Belvedere, Liberal as all the world in so many ways, isn't facing any Projects soon. Nor Mill Valley. But Novato, where so many, including myself, have worked to stay, not being, in comparison, a wealthy community, is singled out by self righteous southern Marin citizens of the NIMBY variety. Beyond that, as so many factors show, and Silvestri's book The Best Laid Plans so well documents, high density low income housing is failed model, often doing more harm than good. The only way that we will ever have real effect, though, is to have a majority of the City Council concerned about maintaining reasonably low densities, and maintaining the position that, in good faith, we have done enough. If we don't control the Council, the rest of it is of little effect. The lawyers hired by those complicit in this ABAG vision will only do as told. Harry Lehmann
Tina McMillan February 08, 2013 at 09:10 AM
We meaning the city and the residents. We are a part of all that happens in Novato. Voting is not the beginning and the end of our participation in local government. It is our job as residents to participate fully. If you go to the city of Novato website you can receive updates and you can attend committee meetings even if you are not a committee member. The resident committee that supports the general plan update provides an email address where you can write in with questions. There is also a schedule of meetings so residents can attend. Council members are only one part of local government. Residents are the much larger part if they choose to get involved.
Trish Boorstein February 08, 2013 at 04:50 PM
Once again, thank you Tina for epic educational contributions to Patch and to these matters regarding Novato. Talk is never irrelevant if someone's eyes are opened by it. Imagine waking up a whole community! I remain hopeful.
Al Dugan February 08, 2013 at 05:34 PM
Thank you Harry, I hope you sign on to NHA. We would value your clear thinking and intellect on this matter moving forward as time would allow for you.


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